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Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

What don't I collect? I basically make a collection out of any random thing I get intrerusted in. Such as ... I have a huge Xena collection with dolls, posters, books ect. I started sewing and now have about 1000 patterns and counting. I collect shot glasses from travels and because I'm running out of room in my bar, I'm now collecting spoons. I also collect elephants.

no shit!

A funny rant from Hilah.

longest post ever!

 So I made a Lorrie of the Lake Photography facebook page. I feel kinda like exposed and out there now and I hope it won't earn me scorn from 'real photographers' who are bitter about losing business to cheap amatures like me. I'm also very aware of each photos faults as I put them up - harsh shadow, off center focal points, weak colors. It's kinda stressing me out, but it had to be done. I do want to one day be a big girl who makes money instead of losing it. That is the difference between a hobby and a small business right? One you spend a lot of money on and never earn it back, the other you have a small profit to claim on taxes at the end of the year. In any case it's up and public and we'll see if I can use it until I make a little money to have a real web site. Baby steps.
 In other news, the dogs are so happy! And Robert finally mowed the back yard! It only took 2 months of constant nagging and guilting. My yard is big! You couldn't tell when half of it was knee high grass and weeds. It's not very pretty because the dogs have been tearing everything to shit, but we have a plan to fence off a large section for them for while we are at work. I also have an awesome dog house plan - you know how the old pioneer houses that dot the hill country have two little structures connected with a covered breezeway - that's what I want dog sized.

 I screwed up my shift bid at work so I have a kind of crappy shift for the ENTIRE SUMMER! Baggage Service Office (the B.S.) 2:30pm-11pm with Friday/Sat. off. I wanted the closing bag shift 4:14pm-12:45am with weekends off, but it is what it is. It's frustrating to have 32 people who are senior to me after 9 years with the company.  Oh well only 13 more years and I can retire with flight benefits and go work somewhere else! I can hold out. I think. Plus I get a raise in July. So I'll just keep on these happy thoughts as I drag my ass to work every Sunday through August.

 What else. My sister is due in June and I'll get to play with a baby! Then give it back - that's the best part! I made her a diaper bag that is only a little wonky at the zipper (freakin' zippers!) and while I was at my sewing machine I almost finished the blue swirly satiny dress i started like a year ago. And it even fits! I just need to do the hem, and I suck at that. They always come out uneven, but I have seen this thing at The Cock that is for chalking an even hemline while wearing the garment, so I think I'll hold off finishing it until I can buy that. So I think I'll start another project. A bag for myself I think.

Writer's Block: Pet talk

If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

are you just going to stand there, or are you gonna throw this frisbee?

Writer's Block: My favorite T

Do certain items of clothing remind you of people or events from your past? If so, what garment reminds you of a particularly happy memory?

Oh boy do I! I haven't bought clothes in a very long time, not that the ones I have fit, but they all have a memory or story that keeps me from letting them go. A dress that was my grandmothers, an army jacket stolen from my brother in law, a pair of jeans that were my dads.

my favorite would be an old shop shirt with "Paul" on the name patch. Paul was my older sisters boyfriend for a long time in high school and we were good friends. He was a jerk and a looser, but he called me Looney and made my sister let me tag along to the older kids keggers.

food fun w/ my ol' pal

this is my ol' friend Hilah who is a silly goofball of a girl and her cooking web-show.

i knew i wasn't the only one!

my little sister loves this lady - I did think this one was quite funny.

ready for a new year

I dont know about y'all, but I'm quite over 2009. Not that is was a bad year, but it was not what I would call a great year. People died, puppies were born. And I know I say this ever December, but next year is going to be awesome - I can feel it. It's a little early to be posting about next year, but it's my journal and I'll post what I want to! I have my yearly goals all written out and plan to start the year with a party - not just any party, but a karaoke throwdown new years party at which I will wear a fancy dress and drink margaritas. There is a blue moon this new years eve, so that has to be a good sign, right?
I did that meme about last years posts and I choose to predict my 2010 entry subjects....
Jan - wow I sure did have a great time getting drunk and singing karaoke
Feb - omg EPICA!
March - it should really be illegal to have as much fun as we did in pdx - wait, maybe it is?
April - Our yard is beautiful, I'm so happy
May - Our house is beautiful, I'm so happy
Jun - I can't believe how much money I'm making with my photography
Jul - Seaworld rocks, and so does all the other fun stuff I'm doing in my happy, love filled life
Aug - man, it's hot - also RAISE!
Sep - My puppy has become such a good dog, I'm sure glad I didn't strangle him back all those times he was an asshole.
Oct - Can you believe I've accomplished so much, all while losing weight, getting rich and having fun!
Nov - I have so much creative juice flowing, I think I need a towel
Dec - I can't believe what an awesome and fun filled year this has been!

yes that is what next year is going to be. I choose to believe it, because I can believe what ever I want to - neener neener!
Look back at your entries for the year and take the first sentence of each month to sum it all up! Jan - My main goal for the year was to not be so negative. Feb - So I don't think I've posted here in a while (except in the Nightwish fan group to yell with anger about the lame track list on the new album *shakes fist*) so here is the Lorrie of lately.... Mar - I got my tax return and... a shiny new computer! Apr - - food poisoning that lasted a freakin' week! May - Puppies - I tried to put the pictures in here but they are huge! Jun - I make-a this dog tent. Jul - Wells fargo can suck a dick Aug - I'm overwhelmed by emotions I don't know how to deal with so I'm going to put them here. Sept - I feel like I haven't posted on here in forever. (ps this was the only entry for sept) Oct - So my vacation is almost over and I haven't done shit. Nov - I just wanted to pop in and give you all a big thank you hug for coming out to the party! Dec - this meme is my first entry for december - because I'm so over 2009.
Host:lorrie ottmers
Location:my house
When:Thursday, December 3, 11:00AM
I am not a professional photographer, but I'm not too shabby. I have had several people ask about family and childrens Christmas pictures, so I set aside this Thursday for Holiday picture day. Claim your session time for your family, children, couples or individual Winter season portraits.
For $20 I'll set aside an hour for your clan and give you a disk of at least 10 pictures that you can print from home or a local drugstore or Walmart. Do you have a cousin or friend that may like to participate feel free to pass on them. You can call or email me at lotlphotography@gmail.com to request your time. If I get a lot of requests for similar times than I may also start on Wed. or repeat the event next week.

I use plain backdrops, but may have a tree up and props if you want something more distinctly Christmas. I suggest you have 2 outfits. One where everyone matches (like white shirts with jeans) and one a little dressy. But of course it's all a matter of your individual taste.